How to Change Grip Tape On Skateboard?

Do you know how to change grip tape on skateboard with just 5 steps? No worry! by reading this informative article you will get your answer. Skateboarding is a sports recreational activity that consists of riding and performing tricks using a skateboard. It has been noticed that people from all over the globe are involved in skateboarding. For some people it’s a hobby and they do it just for the sake of enjoyment. However, with the passage of time skateboarding is becoming a profession of entertainment industry job and a method of transportation as well.

With the progress in the profession of skateboarding; we can also see the updating equipment’s of skateboarding profession. Skateboarders are more conscious and focused on their goals and they do not compromise anything. All the necessary protective equipment’s for skateboarding are a multi-sport helmet or one that is specifically made for skating, wrist guards to protect wrists, knee and elbow pads, closed-toe shoes with strong grip, goggles and lastly the most important requirement is Grip tape.

How to change grip tape on skateboard? 

How to Change Grip Tape On Skateboard?

Changing grip tape on skateboards proves to be very beneficent for better performance because replacing it with a new one to add safety as well as improves skating skills. So, if you are completely unaware about how to change grip tape on skateboards; don’t worry read the steps below:

Method: Prepare the skating board

  1. The first step is to get grip tapes with suitable features. For this, prefer well known grip tape brands likewise Alien Ware, Speed Demons, Mob, Black Magic, Grizzly grip tape, and Jessup etc.
  2. Secondly, look for a clean flat surface and place your skating board on it. It could be either plain ground, any table.
  3. Then, remove the grip tape that is already on the skateboard. This is a time taking step because peeling off might takes a little bit longer. To remove the tape get your hair dryer as it will heat the adhesive on the tape and you’ll be able to easily remove the tape.
  4. Further you have to thoroughly clean your skateboard. The reason to remove all the dirt from the skateboard is to help out the grip tape to get dirty in the future because the dirt might get stuck into the tape.
  5. Lastly, if you do not want to follow any of these steps take your skateboard to the skateboards shops or to the one from where you bought the grip tape; the shopkeeper will change the grip tape on the skateboard. Also, the grip tape will be applied very professionally by the shopkeeper.

Why Grip tape for skateboarding?

Grip tape is essential for maintaining friction between the shoes and the skateboard to maintain regular balance while skateboarding. However, the tricky part is choosing the right grip tape. Many of the people choose random grip tapes because they think how grip tape can be defected or they also think that all grip tapes are same?

Unfortunately, all these people are wrong because while choosing a grip tape skateboarders need to be very cautious. Otherwise, it might results into a serious injury that leads to the circumstances where you can never practice skateboarding. Hence, we can say that a grip tape can either make you or break you.

Choosing the Right Grip Tape

As a skateboarder if you want to make a right choice about the grip tape you are looking for, then look into the following features to get best grip tape for skateboard:

Features of Grip tape


Some professional skateboards demand stickiness in their grip tapes because they think to hit some professional tricks stickiness is a necessary feature. However, for some people stickiness might not be proved the right feature.

Level of Comfort

Looking for a grip tape to be freely relaxed from the problem of altering it every day? Make sure to check the comfort level of the grip tape. It will be right one if you’re not experiencing any bubbles that are making look poor. So, choose the one that is bubble free.

Rightly Priced

In the search of the right grip tape; do not spend an unlimited amount of dollars in it. Instead of getting overpriced grip tapes research the accurate range in which grip tapes of different qualities lies. Most probably, from dollar $5 to $25 grip tapes are priced.

How to deal with the wear, tear and cleaning of grip tape?

After choosing the grip tape with suitable features ; the second step to use the grip tape for longer period of time is maintain the wear, tear and cleaning of grip tape. As we know, the constant use of grip tape causes the wear out due to the friction between the shoes and the surface of tape. In result it’s hard to implement professional skateboarding tricks.

 At the same time, it’s not beneficial to get a new deck of grip tape. Hence, a good solution is required, in case you have a worn out tape, then hair dryer works best in removing it.  When the hot air from the dryer comes out, it liquefies the adhesive and lastly you can apply a new grip tape layer.

Secondly, if you want to keep your grip tape in best condition then make sure to keep your shoes dirt free and grime right before you start skating. The reason to keep your shoes clean is because the dirt on the shoes will get stuck into the grip tape so clean it with a conventional brush. It could be any brush that is available at your home; ask your parents there’s definitely one around your house somewhere.

Moreover, to clean the skateboard there are several things that you might need:

  • A work space
  • Sandpaper
  • Wrench/Screwdriver (for truck removal)
  • Time
  • A broom
  • A board
  • Dustpan


Grip tapes are an essential part of skating and they require special care because the right treatment will decide how better your skating skills are. So, instead of changing grip tapes randomly its better to follow some basic steps to avoid the problems.

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