Best Grip Tape to Buy in 2022

A grip tape does exactly what the name suggests- it provides excellent grip on all kinds of things like skateboards, knife handles, guns, gaming mouse, bike handle bars, drumsticks and so forth. The best quality grip tape is the ideal solution for you if you wish to enhance your grip on something and hold it more comfortably. You may also cut patterns in the tape if you want to make it more unique or choose from multiple colors and designs that are often available.

There is no doubt that the right kind of grip tape that ticks all the right boxes will bring you extra jubilance! This is a very useful tool for skateboarders, long boarders, bicycle riders, drummers, gamers and many more. It is also true that a tape has many different applications and this article is sure to be the perfect read for you if you would like to know more about these applications and what are the best grip tapes you can buy in the market right now in 2021.

Now, without squandering any more time, let us do a deep dive into the prime features of all the different kinds of grip tapes and what you should be looking for when you purchase such a tape.

Best Grip Tape to Buy in 2021

Now that we have gone through the most important features of all kinds of grip tapes, let us look at some of the best grip tapes you can purchase. The following grip tapes are undoubtedly the pick of the litter that are ideal for various purposes.

Grizzly Grip Tape – Skateboard Grip Tape,Grip Tape Skateboard Sheet 9″ x 33″

Grizzly Grip Tape - Skateboard Grip Tape,Grip Tape Skateboard Sheet 9" x 33"

The Grizzly grip tape is often considered as the best grip tape for longboards and skateboards. This happens to be a highly durable tape that will last you a long time and will do your longboard a whole lot of good! The tape is formulated with very strong glue in order to provide you with the best possible grip.

In addition to the glue, the Grizzly grip tape features a fine grit texture that further enhances grip on your board and prevents you from falling off when you engage in your longboarding activities.

This particular grip tape is 33 inches long and can cover your skateboard or longboard easily without you having to purchase additional tape rolls. What’s more, the tape is easy to install and you will be able to wrap it around your longboard within a few minutes.

Finally, the tape is elegant to look at and is sure to complement your longboard really well when you wrap it around!

  • Highly durable grip tape
  • Easy to install on the longboard
  • Appealing to look at
  • Grizzly grip tape allows for a very superior and strong grip
  • Fine grit texture is a great quality
  • Some users have complained that this tape is not easy to clean

Jessup Skateboard Griptape Sheet: The Choice of pro Skaters Worldwide – Jessup Grip Tape

Jessup Skateboard Griptape Sheet: The Choice of pro Skaters Worldwide - Jessup Grip Tape

This one is another popular grip tape used by long boarders and skaters all around the world. The Jessup grip tape has some excellent features which make it a very popular brand.

It allows for maximum grip for the best possible riding control when you take your longboard out for a spin.

The Jessup grip tape is made out of silicon carbide grit which is an immensely durable material that can easily withstand all kinds of weather conditions and rough play. Whether you intend to ride your skateboard or longboard in the park or out on the street, the tape will do your board ample justice courtesy of the strong silicone material.

In addition, you can trim this grip tape easily without tearing it and apply it just as easily on your longboard or skateboard. Finally, the tape has firm adhesive backing that is sticky and ensures the tape sticks very well to your longboard without peeling away after some time.

Many professionals use the Jessup Grip tape on their respective longboards and for good reason!

  • Allows for maximum grip and control on your longboard
  •  Silicone material is very tough and durable
  • Sticky adhesive backing is a great feature
  • Tape is easy to install and apply
  • Does not peel away easily
  • Quite expensive compared to other grip tapes in the market that are designed for longboards
    and skateboards

Black Diamond Longboard Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet

Black Diamond Longboard Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet

If you google “best longboard grip tape”, the Black Diamond grip tape is sure to feature on every other list out there! This grip tape sheet from Black Diamond measures 48 inches long and 10 inches wide. These dimensions will perfectly fit all kinds of skateboards and longboards out there.

The tape is also available in different sizes giving you the freedom to pick the size that aligns best with the dimensions of the longboard or skateboard that you have.

Another great feature of the Black Diamond Grip Tape is its strong 80 grit surface that is made out of silicon carbide grains.

This surface is very durable and also allows for excellent grip when you are riding on your longboard. In addition, the adhesive of the tape is super sticky which is another remarkable quality. This sticky adhesive can virtually and powerfully stick to all skateboards and longboards.

The grip tape is simple to peel, apply and stick to your board. The installation process will not take you more than a minute if you do it right!

  • 80 grit surface is very strong and immensely long-lasting
  • Versatile grip tape that works very well with all kinds of longboards and grip tapes
  • The adhesive surface can easily stick on any type pf board players use
  • Easy application on any longboard or skateboard
  • Available in variety of different sizes
  • Not many colors and designs to choose from

Vater Grip Tape

Vater Grip Tape

If you seek the best grip tape for drumstick, then the Vater grip tape is very easily your best bet! This grip tape has been specially designed to provide drummers an excellent very comfortable grip on their drumsticks.

You do not have to be concerned about tiring your wrists when you have the Vater grip tape wrapped around your sticks! In addition, this grip tape that is linen-based is highly durable and has very good absorbent qualities. What that means is that the tape can effectively absorb all moisture from your hands when you are paying your drums.

Thus, you do not have to worry about sweaty hands and losing your grip on your drumsticks. The grip tape also dries very quickly so it will not feel wet in your hands.Another appealing thing about the Vater grip tape for drumsticks is that you can reuse it easily.

If you desire, you can peel off the tape from one pair of sticks and apply it to another!Every package of this grip tape comprises 4 tape rolls that are sufficient to wrap 2 drumstick pairs. There are also a couple of end tapes provided to further bolster the grip on your sticks.

  • 4 tape rolls provided that can easily cover 2 pairs of drumsticks
  • Moisture absorbent tape
  • Provides a very comfortable grip
  • Tape is easy to reuse
  • Strong durability
  • Some users have said that the color of the tape runs off slightly after excessive use

Alien Pros Bat Grip Tape for Baseball (2 Grips/4 Grips) – 1.1 mm Precut and Pro Feel Bat Tape 

Alien Pros Bat Grip Tape for Baseball (2 Grips/4 Grips) – 1.1 mm Precut and Pro Feel Bat Tape

The Alien Pros bat grip tape is probably the best grip tape for wood bats and is particularly designed for baseball players.The best thing about this reliable grip tape is that provides a very confident and strong gripping power.

That will allow you to swing your bat in the field or in the batting session with utmost confidence and maximum control. Moreover, this 1.1 mm bat grip tape feels perfectly in wet or dry conditions with zero slippage.

Therefore, sweaty hands will never be a problem for you and you do not have to worry about your baseball bat flying out of your hands!

Furthermore, the grip tape is made from a very light material that you can easily apply in any kind of wooden bat and since it does not weigh much, it will not add much weight to your bat. The tape absorbs shocks really well as well which can considerably enhance your playing experience.

Finally, you should know that this Alien Pros Bat grip tape is available in multiple colors and you can opt for anyone you want that looks best on your wooden bat.

  • Available in multiple appealing colors
  • Lightweight tape that is easy to apply
  • Allows for a strong gripping power on your bat handle
  • Moisture absorbent grip tape
  • Ideal for baseball players
  • The tape may peel off a little in certain conditions

Vicious Griptape Coarse Grit Longboard Skateboard

Vicious Griptape Coarse Grit Longboard Skateboard

The Vicious grip tape is a top-quality tape and the most coarse and sharpest grip tape available on the market these days. The tape is the ideal accessory for longboards and provides amazing grip on the deck of your longboard whether you are drifting, sliding, racing, carving, slalom, down hilling or freeriding.

Whatever longboarding activities you enjoy engaging in, you are sure to have maximum control over your board thanks to this grip tape. The tape is also super simple to apply. The Vicious grip tape boasts a thick adhesive and it sticks really nicely to your longboard deck.

You will not have any problems with the tape peeling after a period of time! If your longboard is already covered with some old tape, there is no need to rip that off first! Simple apply the new Vicious grip tape on top of it and it will work perfectly.

How convenient is that! The grip tape is also a very contour forming and flexible one so you can easily fold the grip around your longboard corners without any issue.

  • Sticky adhesive prevents tape peeling off after some time
  • Contour forming is a great quality of this grip tape
  • Easy to install on longboard decks
  • Allows for maximum control over your board
  • Suitable for all kinds of longboarding activities
  • The durability of the tape might be impacted in very harsh conditions such as heavy rain

GT-5000 (3 Strips) Grip Tape for Guns, Cell Phones, Cameras, Knives, Tools – Makes Anything”Grippy”

GT-5000 (3 Strips) Grip Tape for Guns, Cell Phones, Cameras, Knives, Tools - Makes Anything"Grippy"

The GT-500 grip tape is a powerful tape and one of the best grip tapes for guns. This tape is known to provide excellent grip to any shotgun, handgun or rifle. It is also very simple to cut and apply to your gun.

If you do it correctly, you will be able to wrap the GT-500 around your gun in no time!The tape is manufactured from highly durable rubber which is in contrast to gritty skateboard tape.

You can remove the former effortlessly from your gun without worrying about leaving any sticky residue behind.

Also, if you are suffering from arthritis or have weak grip in your hands, you will have no issues chambering a round thanks to this tape. In addition, the tape is very versatile and works really well with knives, cameras, cell phones and tools.

In fact, most people regard this table to be the best grip for knives too. If you are looking for a strong grip on any of these items, the GT-500 tape is one of the best choices you can consider

  • Provides excellent grip on any kind of gun
  • The rubber is highly durable and strong ensuring long performance of this grip tape
  • No issues with any sticky residue when removing tape
  • Ideal tape for those with weak grip in their hands
  • Versatile tape that can be can used with knives, tools etc.
  • Not very easy to clean compared to other grip tapes in the market

Core Prodigy Fusion – Silicone Grip Tape and Rubber Wrap for Pull Up Bars, Barbells, Dumbbells, Sports and Gym Equipment, and Tools

Core Prodigy Fusion - Silicone Grip Tape and Rubber Wrap for Pull Up Bars, Barbells, Dumbbells, Sports and Gym Equipment, and Tools

If you seek the grip tape for your dumbbells, bar bells and pull up bars, then the Core Prodigy silicone grip tape is an excellent choice you can take under advisement.

In fact, this is the best grip tape for all kinds of sports equipment where you require a superior grip with a hint of padding.

The silicone is a fantastic self-fusing material that will not leave behind any residue at all on your sports stuff. The tape is just as easy to install as it is to remove. In addition, this Core Prodigy tape guarantees no slippage in any conditions and thus sweaty hands will not be a problem for you.

You can hold your dumbbells or barbells very comfortably courtesy to this tape which also provides a powerful grip. Another splendid feature of this grip tape is its high durability. Once you buy it, you can be rest assured of its long-lasting performance.

The tape is not likely to wear out or start peeling off after some time you can be sure of that!

  • The Core Prodigy silicone grip tape is suitable for all kinds of sports equipment including
  • Zero slippage grip tape
  • Easy to remove and install
  • Highly durable tape
  • Offers great grip
  • This is a very costly grip tape that might be out of your budget

[Grip Upgrade] Hotline Games 2.0 Plus Mouse Anti-Slip for Logitech G Pro X Superlight Wireless GPW Gaming Mouse

[Grip Upgrade] Hotline Games 2.0 Plus Mouse Anti-Slip Grip Tape for Logitech G Pro X Superlight Wireless GPW Gaming Mouse

If you have a gaming mouse and are looking for something to strengthen your grip on it while playing, then the Hotline Games anti-slip grip tape is a fine choice.

In fact, most of the avid gamers consider it to be the best grip tape for gaming mouse. This particular tape is designed for professional gaming players.

It boasts a very comfortable and soft hand feeling and an excellent self-adhesive design. In addition, the Hotline Games anti-slip grip tape provides amazing excellent sweat-absorbing performance. Hence you will be able to easily prevent any kind of mouse mis-operation that can be brought about by sliding of your hands.

As a result, you are sure to have an enhanced gaming experience every time thanks to this grip tape. The best part about this Hotline Games anti-slip grip tape is its innovative diamond texture design that ensures your hand will not slip even if you move your mouse aggressively while playing.

Finally, sticky tweezers are included in the packaging of this tape so you can apply it easily on your mouse without any difficulty.

  • Diamond texture design of this grip tape allows for excellent grip
  • East to apply on your mouse thanks to the tweezers provided
  • Appealing to look at
  • Ensures you have a great gaming experience every time
  • Ideal tape for professional players
  • Some of the users of this grip tape is that the clicking on the mouse becomes a bit stiff after
    applying the tape

BV EVA Road Bike Handlebar Tapes, Bicycle Bar Tape, Cycling Handle Wraps – 2 Rolls

The BV road bike handlebar tape is an impressive grip tape for the handlebars of your bicycle and perfect for road bikes. It is manufactured from a very special EVA foam material that allows for a great anti-slip and comfortable grip while you are riding your bicycle.

In addition, this grip tape for bicycles is very durable and very ultra-light that does not add excessive weight to your handlebars. The advantage of that is you can control your road bike better without burdening the handlebars.

Moreover, another appealing feature of this tape is that it can absorb vibrations and shocks very well when you are cycling and this ensures you have a smooth ride every time. What’s more, the BV road bike handlebar tape is UV-radiation, water and fade resistant making it a power-packed and very durable tape.

Its adhesive backing is also easy to install on the handlebars and will stick easily on the surface without any issues. When buy this tape, you will also get a couple of handlebar end plugs that are included in the packaging.

  • Ultra light grip tape
  • Absorbs vibrations and shocks very efficiently when you are riding out on the road
  • The EVA foam material is of a fine quality and enhances comfort while riding
  • Tape is water and UV resistant
  • Easy to wrap on any kind of handlebars
  • The tape can split if you rewrap it too often

Best Grip Tape for Longboard

To become a pro at longboarding, it is important that you equip yourself with the best grip tape for longboard. Such an ideal grip tape will have certain inherent features that you need to look out for.

For example, the adhesive quality of the long board grip tape is very strong. In other words, the tape should be sticky so you can easily apply it to your longboard.

Also, the stickiness should be enough for the grip tape to not peel away after some time under immense cold or heat. Also, the grip tape for longboard has a tear proof backing that is very durable and will not tear in any weather conditions.

This particular feature is an important one for you to consider if you tend to ride your longboard aggressively. In addition, a quality grip tape will allow for a strong grip which enhances your longboarding experience and ensures you do not fall off while riding it.

Finally, the ideal longboard grip tape will be long enough to cover your entire longboard and will also be elegant to look at. To that end, it will be great if you have the option to choose from various grip tape colors and designs so you can pick the best one.

Grip Tape for Drumstick

The best grip tape for drumstick is often light in weight allowing you to apply it easily in your drumsticks. Also, a lightweight grip tape will not add much weight to your sticks and the benefit of that is you can play your drums effortlessly and maneuver your drumsticks around without any issue at all.

In addition, when buying a top-quality drumstick grip tape, go for the one that can absorb shocks and moisture really well. This is an extremely important feature as it ensures you can hold your drumsticks more confidently and with better gripping power. The last thing you want is for your sticks to slip out of your sweaty hands when you are performing live in front of an audience!

The best drumstick grip tape can effectively absorb moisture from your hands while you are playing so that you do not lose your grip. Moreover, when you buy a tape that can absorb all kinds of shocks, you will be able to hold your sticks comfortably for longer periods of time.

Finally, the best drumstick grip tape is strong and durable enough allowing you to un-peel it from your sticks and apply it to another pair if you want without tearing the surface of the tape.

Handlebar Grip Tape

The best handle bar grip tape you can find in the market is usually made out of synthetic, cork or leather. These are undoubtedly the most durable options and will ensure you can grip your bike’s handlebars firmly and properly in all kinds of weather conditions- wet, humid, etc.

Also, the best handlebar tape features a gel or foam core that enables you to hold the handlebars more comfortably while you are out riding on your bicycle. If you usually ride your bike for longer periods of time, buying a quality grip tape that has a gel or foam core will be a great option for you. Such a tape makes sure you do not tire quickly when you are riding your bike for long time periods.

In addition, if you plan to use your bicycle for racing, the best handle bar tape for you will be the one that is relatively thin (1- 1.5 mm). A thin grip tape allows you to control your bicycle more efficiently and does not add much burden your handlebars. Also, the best handlebar grip tape has excellent shock absorbing capabilities that can absorb all bounces and bumps on the road when you are out racing.

On the other hand, if you value comfort while riding a bike, then a thicker grip tape is a better choice (2-2.5mm). When you wrap a thicker grip tape around your handlebars, you can hold it more comfortably.

Grip Tape for Kayak Pedal

One of the top and most critical features of the best grip tape for kayak pedal is water proofness. Since you will be kayaking out in the water, it is imperative you buy a grip tape that can hold its own in wet conditions without tearing up or wearing out in any way. A waterproof kayak pedal grip tape ensures you do not have to change the tape on your pedals frequently.

Also, the best kayaking grip tape provides superior grip in all kinds of weather conditions. Such a tape allows you to grip your pedals firmly in extreme hot, cold or rainy weather conditions. In addition, a top quality kayak pedal grip tape is made either of silicone or rubber. These are both highly durable materials which ensure the tape will last for a long time.

Rubber and silicone also provide excellent grip and silicone particularly has a very soft touch making it pleasant to grip. Moreover, you should know that that the best grip tape for kayak pedal always boasts an ergonomic design that prevents any blisters or calluses from occurring. With an ergonomically designed kayaking grip tape, you do not have to worry about hurting your hands when you are out in the water.

Grip Tape for Wood Bats

Firstly, the best possible grip tape for wood bats are highly durable and it is important to pay particular attention to this feature when buying such a tape for your wooden bat. A durable wood bat grip tape can easily withstand in all weather conditions and you can rest assured that it will not wear out for a long time.

Also, the best tape will be lightweight and thick enough at the same time to ensure you can comfortably hold and swing your bat in the field without too much pressure. The grip tape should allow for an excellent grip so that the bat does not fly out of your hands if you swing too wildly. This is vital to keep in mind when buying the best wooden bat grip tape!

Another striking quality of the best wood bat grip tape is shock absorbing capability. An efficient shock absorbing grip tape can ease vibration and prevent blisters in your hand while you are out playing in the field or are at a batting session.

Finally, the best wooden bat grip tapes are versatile products that work equally well with all kinds of bats- cricket bats, baseball bats, lacrosse sticks and so forth.

Best Grip Tape for Guns

The best grip tape for guns will work extremely well with all kinds of guns including hand guns, snipers, rifles and so forth. A top-quality tape will provide an excellent and no slip solution for all guns. What that means is that you will be able to grip your gun properly and without any friction when a gun grip tape is tightly wrapped around it.

In addition, the best gun grip tape will be ideally made from rubber that will not scuff or scratch too easily and will also allow for a very comfortable grip. Rubber is also a very durable material and your gun is sure to be in safe hands with a rubber grip tape wrapped around it.

Finally, another great feature of a high-performance gun grip tape is that it has a strong adhesive backing that can easily stick to any surface without any issue and without leaving any residue behind.

Grip Tape for Dumbbells

The best dumbbell grip tape will provide the perfect combination of grip and comfort. What that means is that you should be able to grip your dumbbells firmly and comfortably at the same time when you are using them for exercise. A textured tape often provides a strong grip so buying such a tape will be a great choice.

In addition, a quality dumbbell grip tape can prevent rips, cuts, blisters and tears on your thumb and fingers. Moreover, you should buy a grip tape that boasts a very flexible fabric that enables your joints to move in a natural manner.

This enhances your feel for dumbbells. Another important feature of the best dumbbell grip tape is that it is highly durable and protect your sports equipment firmly and for a long time without wearing out.

Also, the best tape is moisture absorbent and can effectively absorb any sweat from your fingers and palms when you are lifting your dumbbells. People often sweat when they are working out and a sweat absorbing grip tape will prevent your hands from sticking to the tape.

Best Grip Tape Brands

Some of the most popular and best grip tape brands in the market right now include Grizzly, Diamond, Black Diamond, Vicious, Alien Pros and Jessup, among many others. These brands are highly reputed and well known for making excellent grip tapes that can serve a variety of purposes.

Some of the most useful features that all the best grip tapes (by these brands) share are ease of installation, strong grip, comfortable feel, high durability, impressive adhesive qualities, shock and moisture absorbent and resistant to water and ultra-violet radiation.

Grip Tape for Gaming Mouse

One of the most important qualities of the best grip tape for gaming mouse the sweat absorbing capability. When you are playing, your fingers might sweat (especially if you are playing an adrenaline inducing game!) and a sweat absorbing grip tape ensures that this does not ruin your playing experience.

In addition, a good gaming mouse grip tape has a comfortable feel to it so you can move the mouse around easily. Also, the tape will have some sort of a texture allowing you to grip it strongly. This is a pivotal feature as the texture will prevent your fingers from slipping off the surface of the mouse when you move it around fast while playing.

Finally, the best possible gaming mouse grip tape is easy to install on your mouse with the help of tweezers. Such a tape also has a very sticky adhesive that can stick effortlessly to all surfaces of your mouse. Overall, the best mouse grip tape will feature all of the above-mentioned qualities and features.

Best Grip Tape for Knife Handles

Whether you seek a grip tape for a kitchen knife to enhance your cooking experience or for the handle of a foldable knife, it is vital that you buy a high-performance tape that can strengthen your knife handle and make it easier to hold.

So what are the best features of a knife handle grip tape? Such a grip tape will be durable that will not tear easily after a period time. Also, you might want to buy a tape that you can reuse on various knife handles.

Furthermore, another useful feature of such a tape is the capacity to absorb shocks and sweat. When your hands are sweaty, it can be a challenge to grip your knife handle properly. However, if you use a tape that can absorb moisture off your hands, you do not have to worry about sweaty hands at all and gripping the knife will not be an issue.

That said, look for a grip tape that provides strong gripping power so you can operate your knife easily in your kitchen or elsewhere


To conclude, the best grip tape will allow you a better and more comfortable grip. Whether you want the tape for your kayak pedals, longboard, knife handle, gaming mouse or anything else, the aforementioned grip tapes are some of the best ones you can find right now in the market.

When you are finding the ideal tape for yourself, just make sure you go through the pros, cons and features of each brand you are considering so that you can purchase the right tape for your particular needs.