Best Grip Tape for Wood Bats

Just picture this situation in your head: You are out in the batting practice area or on the playing field in front of an entire audience. You swing your wooden bat and it slips right out of your hand! Embarrassment aside, the important question here is that how do you prevent this from happening.

This is where a bat grip tape comes into the picture! By applying such a tape to your bat, you can hold it more confidently with a stronger grip so that it does not slip out even when you swing wildly. A grip tape will also allow you to maneuver your bat comfortably without putting too much strain on your wrists. In fact, with a wood bat grip tape, you get the best of 3 worlds, maximum control, strong grip and ample comfort! What more could you want?

You will be surprised to know that there are various kinds and brands of grip tapes available in the market that you can buy for your bat. So which one do you purchase? In other words, which is the best grip tape for wood bats? Luckily for you, you will not have to go through numerous articles online to find out. This article delves into the reviews of some of the best wooden bat grip tapes that you can consider.

You may rest assured that there are prime products and will serve you and your wooden bat really well. So without any further delay, read on to learn more!

Our Top Picks

Alien Pros Bat Grip Tape


  • Durable and long lasting performance
  • Best for all type of bats
  • Light weight and strong grip
  • Affordable Price
Vulcan Bat Grip Tape
Vulcan Bat Grip Tape


  • Available in multi colors
  • Easy installation
  • Available in a different thickness
  • Very high-performance grips

Marque Bat Grip Tape

Marque Bat Grip Tape


  • Ideal for softball bats
  • Reduces vibration
  • Allows for strong grip
  • Good Quality addhessive baking

Best Grip Tape for Wood Bats

Alien Pros Bat Grip Tape

Alien Pros Bat Grip Tape

If you are seeking the best baseball bat grip tape, look no further than the highly efficient Alien Pros grip tape which is undoubtedly one of the best products you can get for your baseball bat. One of the best things about this wooden bat grip tape is that it is extremely simple and quick to install on your bat.

The tape is also already pre cut and your baseball bat will look and feel fresh in less than a minute after you wrap this tape around the bat. All you have to do is peel the tape, wrap it, seal it and then play! An important thing you should know about the Alien Pros grip tape is that it is made of ultra- light and very absorbent material that provides you with just the correct volume amount of tackiness.

Since the tape is light, it will not add any burden to your wooden bat and will absorb shocks very effectively as well. In addition, the tape allows for a powerful grip making it ideal for baseball players who need to hold their bat firmly when they swing it. This grip tape also works perfectly in both wet and dry conditions and it will not feel slippery at all when you grip your bat.

Finally, this particular wooden bat grip tape is very versatile and fully compatible with all kinds of bats apart from baseball balls. You may use the Alien Pros grip tape as cricket wooden bat grips, lacrosse grips, softball bat grips and much more. This is most recommended best grip tape for wood bats at 1st position.

  • This wood bat grip tape is very easy to install on any kind of wooden bat
  • Made out of a very light material that does not add much burden to your bat
  • Versatile tape that can be used with all kinds of bats
  • Allows for strong gripping power
  • Highly durable and provides long-lasting performance
  • The Alien Pros bat grip tape tends to crease sometimes

Vulcan Bat Grip Tape

Vulcan Bat Grip Tape

There is no doubt that the Vulcan grip is one of the best bat grip tape that you can buy in the market in 2021. Vulcan is a very popular brand and this particular grip tape is one of their prime offerings that is suitable for any kind of wooden bat. This bat grip has the capacity to deliver maximum amount of bat control and feel in any kind of weather conditions.

Apart from wood, the manufacturers have made this tape to fit composite and alloy bats as well which makes it quite versatile. In addition, the Vulcan bat grip tape is available in 3 different levels of thickness to suit the preference of any type of hitter. These thicknesses are 0.5 mm, 1 mm and 1.75 mm and allow for a very strong grip on your wooden bat.

It should be noted every grip boasts advanced level technology components to produce the best possible gripping system for players of all different levels (newbies, pros etc). What’s more, you can buy this Vulcan tape in several appealing colors and designs that are sure to complement your wooden bat perfectly.

In addition, these Advanced Vulcan polymer grip tapes deliver maximum feel and performance in both wet and dry conditions.

The tape also has an amazing and unique imprint that enables a strong grip. Courtesy of this tape, sweating hands will never be a problem for you when you are handling your wooden bat! Another striking feature of the Vulcan bat grip tape is that you can easily and swiftly apply it on the handle of any type of wooden bat.

Even if you do run into some difficulty while applying the tape, you can refer to any of the videos available online that detail each and every installation step very clearly. This is the second most recommended best grip tape for wood bats.

  • Available in multiple appealing colors and designs
  • Works well with wooden, alloy and composite bats
  • Availability of different thicknesses is a very impressive feature
  • This Vulcan wood bat tape can be applied easily within a couple of minutes
  • Innovative imprint on the tape
  • This grip tape is slightly more expensive compared to other similar products for wooden bats

Marque Bat Grip Tape

Marque Bat Grip Tape

The Marque bat grip tape is often touted as the best softball bat grip tape. In fact, this tape is the ideal wrap for both softball and baseball bats. The tape is very durable and you can be assured that it will not wear out anytime soon after you buy it. It provides a superior grip and features a special slip resistant pattern manufactured from a tacky compound.

This allows you to swing your bat with sheer confidence without worrying about it slipping from your hands! In addition, the Marque bat grip tape provides just enough cushion without adding a lot of thickness to your wooden bat. In this way, your bat does not feel too burdened while providing you with a comfortable grip in all kinds of weather conditions. Another striking feature of this best bat tape is that it assists in reducing vibrations very effectively.

Its polymer compound that is shock absorbing reduces vibrations really well for better control and feel as you swing your baseball or softball bat. Like most premium grip tapes, the Marque bat grip tape is designed for all kinds of bats- composite, alloy and wooden! You may also apply it very easily and efficiently on any type of bat handle.

Finally, this grip tape comes with a complete adhesive backing and a finishing tape in its packaging that allows easy and quick installation. This is the 3rd most recommended best grip tape for wood bats.

  • Easy to install on any kind of bat handle
  • Marque bat grip tape provides an excellent grip
  • The adhesive backing is of a very good quality
  • Ideal for softball bats
  • Reduces vibrations very effectively
  • Some users have complained that the tape can become slightly difficult to clean at times

Champro Bat Grip Tape


The Champro grip tape is another top-quality grip tape suitable for all kinds of wooden bats. This tape ticks all the important boxes and features making it one of the best available in the market. The Champro bat grip tape happens to be very tacky allowing you to improve your control and grip over your bat handle. In fact, you can control your bat really well with the help of this grip tape!

By wrapping this tape around your bat handle, you are sure to boost your confidence considerably when you are out playing the sport! The tape also enables for a perfect fit. The tape’s tapered edges allow all softball and baseball athletes around the world to provide their bat with a splendid contour fit that looks very professional indeed.

Another great aspect of this bat grip tape is that you can install it effortlessly and it is 100 percent compatible with all kinds of bats. The Champro bat grip tape is also very durable. It is 39 inches in length and 1.1 millimeters in thickness making it extra durable. The tape also lasts much longer without compromising in performance in comparison to other grips you can buy in the market.

Moreover, this Champro tape is available in multiple styles and colors. You will be astonished to know that you have a staggering 19 different appealing options to choose from in this regard! It is suggested you go for the style and color that will look best on your wooden bat and complement it perfectly.

  • Durability is one of this grip tape’s strongest points
  • Available in 19 different colors and styles
  • Very easy to install on bat handles
  • Versatile grip tape that works with all bats
  • High performance tape that allows for very strong grip and control
  • The tape might be a little short for some of the very long wooden bat

Lizard Skins Polymer Bat Grip

Lizard Skins Polymer Bat Grip

If you seek the best all-round grip tape for your wood bat, the Lizard Skins Polymer Bat Grip is the ideal one for you! This tape which is 1.8 mm thick is ultra soft and very durable and strong. You can rest assured that it will stand the test of time in all kinds of weather conditions! The tape also provides an effective slip resistant grip for all kinds of bats, offering the ultimate control and comfort in both dry and wet conditions.

In addition, the Lizard Skins Polymer Bat Grip shock-absorbing capabilities help in reducing vibrations on contact, and its efficient textured surface offers a solid grip on your bat in all situations. Furthermore, Lizard Skins bat grip tapes can be effectively used on any kind of wood, aluminum or composite bat making it a very versatile product. Also, this bat grip is easy to clean and you can do so with isopropyl alcohol or water.

Another benefit of buying this particular grip tape is that it is very lightweight and does not add too much weight to your bat handle. Since the tape does not weigh much, you can install it easily as well on your bat handle. It also features pre-cut ends and a fully adhesive back that sticks very well to the surface. You will also find comprehensive wrapping instructions included with the packing of this grip tape. You can refer to these to make installation even easier and quicker. included.

An impressive thing about this Lizard Grip tape (and you will most likely read about this in every lizard skin bat grip review) is that it is 100 percent trusted by players and professionals at all skill levels. There is no doubt that this grip tape is a quality and dependable product that helps to amplify your comfort and skill while you are out swinging your bat!

  • Ultra-soft grip tape allows for very comfortable grip
  • Durable tape
  • Simple to install and wrap around any bat handle
  • The grip tape is easy to clean
  • Sticking quality of this Lizard grip is very good
  • Since this is a premium grip tape, it is quite more expensive compared to other bat grips that you can buy

CHAMPKEY PRO 40″ Bat Grip Tapes(2 Pack) | 1.75mm Comfortable and Soft Bat Tape | Precut and Full Adhesive Back Baseball Grip Tapes


The Champkey pro grip tape is one of the most durable tapes you can buy for your wooden bat. This tape is of a very high-quality which is who so many baseball and softball players use it to wrap their bat handles. Having a 1.75 mm width, the tape provides unparalleled traction and dampening in all kinds of weather conditions. It is also quite thin and has a great feel to it.

Since the tape is thin, you can be assured that it will not add much weight to your wooden bat and make it heavy. Also, Champkey pro grip tape is perfectly suitable for all sorts of bats players use.

The best thing about this wood bat grip tape is that it is manufactured out of a special and highly durable TAIWAN polyurethane material that provides great comfort when you are holding your bat.

Apart from comfort, you can also expect great traction and control in all kinds of conditions. In addition, the grip tape boasts a classic hexagonal diamond texture which has been specially designed to enhance control and feedback when you are using your bat. What’s more, you can choose from ample colors and designs when buying this tape.

All of the colors and designs available are elegant to look at and will pair very well with your wooden bat.

Finally, you will be quite glad to know that the Champkey brand offers a 30 days 100 percent satisfaction guarantee for this particular grip tape. If you are not satisfied with the tape, you can request a full refund within one month. How great is it!

  • Several baseball bat grip tape designs available that you can pick from
  • The polyurethane material of the tape is very durable and of the highest quality
  • Tape provides a lot of comfort and control in all conditions
  • Satisfaction guarantee for 30 days provided
  • The Champkey pro grip tape is easy to install and you can wrap it around your bat handle in just a few minutes
  • Not as simple to clean compared to other bat grip tapes

Gamma Sports Supreme Tac Baseball Grip Wrap (3 Pack) – Tacky, Absorbent, Non-Slip, Easy to Apply – Great for Any Size Handle, Aluminum or Wood Bat

Gamma Sports Supreme Tac Baseball Grip Wrap (3 Pack) – Tacky, Absorbent, Non-Slip, Easy to Apply – Great for Any Size Handle, Aluminum or Wood Bat

The Gamma Sports Grip wrap is the ideal grip tape for baseball wooden bats. It is very simple to install and you will be able to wrap it around your baseball bat in less than 60 seconds! All you have to do is peel the tape, wrap it and then finally seal it. That is it! There are no complex wrapping instructions of any kind.

When you buy this grip tape, you get 3 Tac grip tapes in the packaging, perfect for 3 different regrips. These are available in blue, red, white and black. Another great feature of the Gamma Sports Grip wrap is that it is non-slip, extra tacky and has great absorbent qualities that will absorb any moisture in your palms very efficiently.

The tape also provides excellent no-slip grip when you are out for batting practice or playing the actual game! In addition, the construction of this grip tape is solid and highly durable.

Not only is the tape lightweight, but it is also of a very high quality and is resistant to all kinds of shocks. You can easily expect the tape to hold strong swing after swing and game after game! The tape also assists in reducing impact on your elbows and wrists. What you should also know about the Gamma Sports Grip wrap tape is that it is versatile and compatible with bats of all sizes and types.

You can use it for cricket bat handles, lacrosse bat handles, golf bat handles, golf bat handles and much more! Doesn’t matter which sport you prefer, this gripping tape will do the job really well for you!

  • Perfect no-slip grip in all weather conditions
  • Grip tape is compatible with all sorts of wooden bats
  • Highly durable grip tape that will last a long time
  • The Gamma Sports Grip wrap has excellent shock resistant capabilities
  • Easy to install on any bat handle
  • The tape might slip a little if you are using your bat in very rainy conditions

Buying Guide for Best Grip Tape for Wood Bats

When you buy the best grip tape for wood bat, there are some important considerations you need to make to ensure you purchase the best possible product. So what are these considerations and why do they matter? The following are the 3 most important factors you ought to take under advisement when you are out grip tape hunting for your wood bat.

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This is actually a very important consideration you need to make when you are buying a grip tape for a wooden bat. If you prefer a thin handle grip and do not require padding, it is probably best to go for a 0.5 millimeters bat grip tape. Such a weight is quite lightweight and will not burden your wooden bat. A grip tape of this thickness is also the thinnest available in the market right now and also assists in improving your grip on the bat handle.

Shock Absorbent

If you want to buy the best possible wood bat grip tape, make sure it is shock absorbent. This is a very important quality in a bat grip tape. You should buy a tape that can absorb most of the shocks and vibration energy that your hand experiences when you are out playing. A shock absorbing grip tape allows you to handle your bat more comfortably in all kinds of weather conditions.


Any player will agree that this is a very important factor you should take under consideration when buying a grip tape for your wooden bat. Contrary to popular opinion, it is very much possible to buy the best possible grip tape for your wood bat at an economical price if you do your careful research.

To that end, it is wise to draw a cost/value comparison for all the grip tapes you are considering. This will allow you to buy the tape that provides maximum bang for your buck. Now that we are done with the best wood bat grip tape reviews as well as the buyer’s guide, let us look at some of the common FAQs regarding such grip tapes.

Ease of Installation

What is the point in buying the best wooden bat grip tape if it is taking you ages to install it? When buying a grip tape for your bat, ensure you will be able to install it easily and quickly. Buy a tape that has the wrapping instructions included in the packaging so that you do not feel lost when you are wrapping the tape tightly around your bat. Bear in mind that an easy application is one of the most important features of a grip tape, especially if you plan to unpeel and reuse it on some other bat handle!

Wrapping it Up

A grip tape for your bat is the ideal solution for you if you seek more comfort and control when you are out in the playing field or in the batting practice. Such a tape will also help you to upgrade your skills as you become a better player. To summarize, the forementioned grip tapes for wooden bats are some of the best and most reliable tapes you can buy in 2021- there is no question about that!

All of these tapes have some really cool and useful features that will allow you to play with confidence when you are holding your bat in your hands. Just make sure that you carefully go through the pros, cons and features of all of these grip tapes. That will allow you to pick the one that best meets your needs and criteria.


What size lizard skin should I get?

This is a very common question people ask who are interested in buying Lizard Skin grips. Lizard skin grip tapes come in 3 different sizes- 0.5 mm, 1.1 mm and 1.8 mm. If you are looking for a thin grip for your bat handle that is lightweight and provides strong grip, then the 0.55 mm lizard skin grip is probably best for you. On the other hand, the 1.1 mm and 1. 8 mm lizard Skin grip might be the better option for you if you are looking for a grip that that provides more padding and great shock absorption capabilities.

What is the best grip tape size for bats?

When you talk about the length of the tape, any length that exceeds 30 inches is usually enough to cover even the longer wooden bats. If you have a shorter bat, you can simply cut off the extra length you do not need and only use the tape that aligns with the size of your wooden bat handle.

What is the best bat grip thickness?

The answer to this question depends on what you are expecting from your wooden bat grip tape. If you are a professional baseball or softball player looking for a thin and firm grip for your bat that allows you to maneuver the bat easily, then the 0.5 mm size is the best option for you. However, if you are someone who values comfort over other features, then it is in your best interests to go for the grip tape size that is around the 1 mm mark. A thicker grip tape will provide more padding and offer a more comfortable grip.

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